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The Oxford Gargoyles - Jazz A Cappella

Friday March 21, 2014 - 8 P.M.

Backstage Live Restaurant

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The Oxford Gargoyles, Oxford’s only jazz a cappella group, were founded by Divya Seshamani and Hannah Harper in early 1998, the lovechild of a passion for jazz and an excuse to cover up the potentially antisocial habit of breaking into song at the smallest encouragement! The group quickly gathered momentum: their first all-you-can-drink concerts at St John’s Auditorium were soon followed by recording dates, busking sessions, arts festival appearances and performances at college balls. It wasn’t long before The Gargoyles had achieved a reputation for their exciting, innovative and, of course, black-tied performing style.

This year marks the fifteenth year that the group has been together, and there has been no shortage of recent successes for the group. In addition to performances with the Swingle Singers and the Real Group, the group was named the BBC Open Category Choir of the Year in 2012 and won the Voice Festival UK Competition in 2010. Most recently, the Gargoyles completed their 8th annual permanent run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, singing to sold-out audiences and rave reviews. They sing mostly jazz tunes, and perform in black tie, entirely a cappella (without accompaniment).


Admission: HK$180 (includes 1 drink)

Enquiry or reservation: 2167-8985 / reservation@backstagelive.hk

31 people was attending